Good leather shoes of the type we sell, if regularly maintained can last for years. Having personally owned and worn some of my shoes for over 10 years I’ve certainly found this to be true. If looked after properly you can keep your shoes looking and lasting longer keeping your feet healthy and dry. There are many different ways to clean your shoes, but after years of cleaning my own and customer’s shoes this is the method I find works best.

Daily (all shoes regardless of material & style)

  • Rotate your shoes. Leather shoes often take a full day to dry out fully whether from rain or natural perspiration (250,000 sweat glands in your feet can excrete up to half a pint of moisture a day), so where possible leave a full day between wears.
  • Use shoetrees. Put wooden shoetrees in your shoes as soon as you take them off, the trees are most effective whilst the leather is warm. The trees will absorb moisture, help to iron out creases and maintain the shape of the shoes
  • Quick brush down. Gently brush the shoes with a soft bush to remove any dirt or dust from the day’s wear. This is not essential but worth doing if you want to prolong the shine or aren’t going to wear the shoes for a day or two.


  • Polish your shoes. There are many ways to polish your shoes most get the same results; the important thing is to use the right polish. To that end you can’t go wrong with Saphir pate de luxe, Either the Beaute De Cuir which has 7 different waxes or the Medaille D’or which has 9 (personal favourite). Below is a small step by step guide on how to polish your shoes.
    1. Remove the laces, but keep your shoetrees in the shoes, I find this makes it easier to apply the polish.
    2. Use a soft brush to gently remove any loose dust, dirt and old polish from the shoes.
    3. Using a soft rag apply a thin layer of polish to your shoe using small circular motions, don’t forget the tongue.
    4. Allow to dry approximately 10 minutes.
    5. Once dry brush vigorously with a horse hair brush
    6. For extra protection repeat steps 3-5 again
    7. If an even higher shine is required give the dry polish a fine spray with water, then buff with a clean soft polishing cloth.
  • Suede and Nubuck shoes. These need to be brushed with stiff bristle suede brush and sprayed with a good water repellent spray. With Suede and Nubuck the mantra should be “prevention rather than cure”.


  • Cream your shoes. Using shoe cream on your shoes is often over looked but is vitally important. Leather is a skin like ours so needs to be moisturised to be kept really soft and supple. Without cream even if polished weekly the leather will start too dry and the polish can flake off. Use the same steps 1-5 as above to apply the cream.
  • Suede and Nubuck shoes. Spray your shoes with a foam cleaner, allow the foam to sit for 30 seconds then rub off any remaining foam with a clean cloth, gently brush with your suede brush and allow to dry. Once dry re apply your protector spray.

If storing shoes for any longer than a week make sure you clean the soles before storage, contaminants like diesel and oil are easily picked up whilst walking around town and if left it can destroy soles very easily.